Event marketing vs field marketing, which is better?

Event marketing can be defined as the process that involves the presentation of a theme or presentation to improve the product and services. In other words, we can say an event or a promotional event where the audience is involved.

These events are either face-to-face or online or offline and Field marketing is a place in which you’ve already skilled. You will have ecommerce fulfillment. It involves the operation post receiving the order. You should also consider retail merchandising because it will handle all the product and inventory levels and display.

Event marketing or field marketing: Which one is better?

The main difference between event and Field marketing is that Event marketing is a promotional strategy. It involves face-to-face contact between companies and their customers at special events such as a concert, fairs, and sporting events. You have to consider ecommerce fulfillment and retail merchandising.

Field marketing is door-to-door marketing very similar to the old-school door-to-door marketing that you will see with the guy that sells the vacuums but I will prefer field marketing is better than event marketing. You may be asking yourself why I need field marketing and why it’s better isn’t social media and online marketing enough and my answer to you is no.

You really need to get out there and meet people face to face. Especially now with the online market being so busy and so inundated there’s a loss and trust factors online. You don’t really know what you’re getting but when you meet somebody in person and you get to know them and they get to know you. It brings a whole another level of credibility trust and awareness and remembers it’s all about getting them to know like and trust you.

1.      Build awareness

The first positive point of brand build awareness is that it is a dynamic marketing strategy that conducts the consumer to flourish an automatic preference to its brand and its product.

2.      Increase sales

If you can deliver a good demo of the product and approach the customer. Automatically they will buy our product and our sales will increase.

3.      Grow Customer Relationships

When you go to a customer place you have to negotiate about your product. Listen to the customer’s question and answer them politely then ask their preference. You have to show them his value then after using the product ask them for feedback but the main thing is communication which is a vital key for building a strong relationship.

4.      Send them samples

When you visit a customer’s place and before asking them to buy the product. You have to give them some samples just for testing of the product which creates a good effect on the customer. You have to consider e-commerce fulfillment and retail merchandising.


There are many positive things in which we found that field marketing is the best. Most people are afraid of online buying so the door to door marketing which is field marketing is the best. Some of the reasons that make field marketing are discussed.